Day in the life of a Florist

The day starts early as a Florist, which is something I’m used to as these early mornings have been part of my life for the last 10 years, however always helped with a coffee! On days that I don’t have to pop by to the wholesaler to grab our fresh flowers, I’m typically in the studio early where my flowers are already waiting from their even earlier start than mine!

I get started by conditioning all our precious florals, some from Holland, some from local growers & some occasionally from further afield like Colombia and Kenya. Ensuring every flower is perfect and any special orders are put to one side. Wedding flowers are a regular occurrence in our day-to-day life, yet every one is so unique and special. In our delivery this morning we’ve had a selection of blush florals ready for someones perfect ‘I Do’ moment. 

Once the emails and new orders are checked, the kettles boiled and the tea’s made we crack on with our daily tasks. Creating artisanal bouquets with all our fresh flowers, taking full advantage of the seasons finest! Bunches filled with Sweet Peas, Peonies and Kahala Roses (favourite’s at Forever Eden!). Once wrapped, there sent off to surprise their recipients.

After tidying up the studio and giving the Houseplants a checkover, finally sitting down to reply to all our lovely brides and clients about their upcoming celebrations and ordering all our beautiful flowers online to come in tomorrow and start all over again!

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Seasonal favourite’s

For early summer our absolute favourites have to be Sweet Peas and Peonies. The perfect reason for them to be our May & June Flower