How to Dress your seasonal table

Wether its an intimate dinner for two or a celebratory dinner party for 20, creating that perfect table is a must!

When it comes to florals simplicity is usually best. Using a beautiful selection of vessels you find around the house in complementing colours to your tables theme, we always find an eclectic mix works perfectly! Trying to use things readily available to you such as florals and foliage’s you can cut from your garden or to popping to your local florist to hand pick each stem yourself. To make sure your table stand’s out we recommend using a contrasting colour flower to your table linen, this will give every element on your table it’s own moment. 

Once all your flowers and foliage are collected, line up your vessels together, you can either do this on the table directly or elsewhere to prevent any mess. Work with each variety of flowers or foliage at a time, carefully cutting each stem at a 45 degree angle to ensure the maximum water intake. To create height and interest, cut each stem at a slightly different height along your table scape, this will give you the best overall look. Florist Tip- Always start with your foliage, this gives you a lovely base to pop your flowers in.

Once your floral masterpiece is complete, place along the centre of the table making sure to stagger the vases so they’re not in a perfect line. 

Pair with a linen table cloth and cloth napkins, as well as some classic taper candles and your setting is done! Just in time for a glass of champagne! 

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