Seasonal favourite’s

For early summer our absolute favourites have to be Sweet Peas and Peonies. The perfect reason for them to be our May & June Flower of the Month. 

Sweet Peas are a complete classic, available in so many colours and variety’s. From solid colours of hot pink and deep purple, to varieties where it seems as though the edge of the petal has been dipped into watercolour. Originating from Sicily & Cyprus, a Sicilian monk is said to have sent the first sweet pea seeds to England in the 17th century, there now a staple in British gardens & florists. 

As for peonies, we don’t think we’ve ever met anyone who doesn’t ooh & ahh when they see the blousy heads bursting with those frilly petals. Available in so many colours and varieties but only around for a short time of the year, making them ever so much more special. A stand-out variety we love is the Coral Sunset Peony. Starting its life as a deep shade of coral and as it blooms and blossoms over a week it gradually gets lighter and lighter and ends up a lemony yellow. 

These precious flowers are only around for a short time, so we make every effort to put them into every bouquet, arrangement and wedding we can!

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